Fire Corps
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We all have a role in hometown security, and Fire Corps provides
opportunities to embrace personal responsibility to be prepared,
and at the same time give back to your community by volunteering
to support your local fire and emergency departments.

Since September 11th, that need for preparedness has never
been greater. With the increasing demands placed on the fire and
emergency services, not only in response to the threat of
terrorism, but also by the changing demands of communities
themselves, it has become increasingly difficult for many
departments to provide additional services the community expects
while upholding various responsibilities already instated in the
department. This is where you and Fire Corps can help.

By volunteering in a Fire Corps program, citizens can perform
non-emergency tasks, allowing first responders to focus on
necessary training and critical emergency response situations.
Fire Corps also creates a connection between fire/EMS
departments and the community, providing a vehicle for citizens to
find out which departments in their area need help and offering
through the Fire Corps program.  

Sue Davis, SLV Citizen Corps Coordinator, if you are
interested in learning more about Fire Corps.